Peter Gordon

Digital project management, front-end development, web design, digital strategy.

Digital since v.21, a practitioner academic, and founder and principal of Winchester Digital, a small one-stop web shop that builds and hosts small to medium sized websites, a university lecturer and dad based in Winchester in the UK. Creator and proud of

Experienced and qualified

Strong commercial background with considerable customer-facing experience.

With strong practical experience and deep academic understanding I enjoy breaking down digital problems and finding ways to combine short-term pragmatism with long-term vision. I'm not a hardcore developer or an internet hipster, I like to see ideas come to life, so I have a multi-disciplined approach to my work incorporating strategy, design, development and project management.

Always eager to learn

Good front-end skill set, with strong technical SEO understanding and good creativity and analytical skills.

I’m responsible for web projects throughout the development cycle. This means writing proposals, project plans and briefs, competitive reviews, scoping documents, SEO audits, creative reviews, interactive prototyping, WordPress theme development, analytics configuration and the management and support of a multi-site WordPress installation.


Able to communicate at all levels, equally comfortable one-to-one and presenting to wider groups.

I have a huge amount of experience explaining technical information to non-technical users from working in both pre and post sales roles. As a lecturer I led tutorial and seminar groups, gave constructive feedback to students and resolved problems, such as students failing to submit work whilst being sensitive to those who need help or who are in distress.

Interactive Production

Concept and build of websites from scoping, through to final build-and-test.

I have both strong practical experience and a strong theoretical understanding of internet technologies and cross-browser design and development. I understand and follow user centered design principles and methodology and goal-oriented design processes. I conduct target audience analysis and report/present the outcomes to stakeholders.

Teaching & Learning

Qualified professional with 10 years experience working at undergraduate level.

I taught digital production (software and methodology) across a range of Advertising and Marketing based degrees. Teaching people the things I learn also means I can learn from what they create. I also learnt a lot about managing and motivating individuals and groups, educational theory and the use of technology in educational experience design.

Broadcast Journalism

Trained in media law, public affairs, single camera video production, and news & feature writing.

I undertook a scholarly investigation of media and communications that explored the ethics and practices of journalism and the practical skills associated with its production. During this time I created and produced broadcast radio news packages and features on placements with the BBC.

HTML5 / CSS / Sass

Intermediate to advanced. Data structure, presentation, interchange and APIs.

I write clean, valid HTML / CSS almost everyday. I feel bad using '!important'. I'm excited by the possibilities brought with HTML5, such as with Canvas and Video. I work with Sass (why didn't I start sooner). I want to use flex for real. I understand accessibility demands and what it takes to comply.


Intermediate to advanced. WP theme development, multi-site installation and maintenance.

I create bespoke themes either from scratch or increasingly from _underscores and plugins. I use custom page templates and post types when necessary. I care about content portability and coding standards. I never touch the core and only ever use a handful of solid plugins. I sometimes use ACF pro. Maybe I shouldn't; It is useful.

JavaScript / JQuery

Intermediate. I try to write as much vanilla JavaScript as I can.

I started with ActionScript 1.0, went through to building CRUD AS3/PHP apps, then began the transition to JavaScript. Recently I've worked on creating a JS heavy and complex WordPress theme and plugin combo for a single page application that uses a REST API.


Advanced. I use it often. I have helped students create all kind of things with it for years.

I'm very comfortable with non-destructive editing, masking, using adjustment layers, blend modes, all kinds of retouching / compositing and working with the type and shape tools. I'm also a keen amatuer photographer and I have an in-depth understanding of DSLR camera operation, lighting and data management. I love my Nikon 60MM f/2.8 D.

Video / After Effects

Intermediate. Single camera video production and post production. Basic (but solid) motion graphics

I have directed, shot and edited corporate case study videos and customer story interviews and created animated presentations and logos. I have regularly taught students to use After Effects. I have a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of its use, its workflows and components. I'm blown away by its capabilites and I wish I had more time to play with it.

Flash / ActionScript

Advanced. It all started for me with a disk on the front of a magazine with a demo copy of Flash 3.

As Flash developed, so did I. It introduced me to programming, XML, async comms, PHP and the entire disciplines of UX and UI. I learnt to create artwork using its drawing tools, it's an environment I feel very comfortable in. I'm excited by its Canvas and CreateJS support and I'm looking forward to seeing the next stage of its (considered/refined/restrained) use.


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